This event will be hosted by the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Bologna. The aim of the workshop is a) to bring together academia, think tanks and public and private institutions and b) to bring all the CYDIPLO network teachers and researchers together and will focus on issues including, gender issues in cyber security and diplomacy, perspectives from the global south, capacity building challenges in emerging cyberdiplomacy nations, non-traditional/non-western forms and approaches to cyberdiplomacy. As well as a series of roundtable discussions, the workshop will include talks from those actively involved in cyber diplomacy and leading academics in the field.  Day 1 of the workshop will be open to the public and streamed. Day 2 will be for network researchers only and will discuss issues related to project management and development, focusing on planned deliverables such as Special Issue in an academic journal and the Handbook of Cyberdiplomacy, as well as developing teaching materials and training for the MOOC and handbook.

Outputs: The workshop will result in detailed plans for delivery of the planned Special Issue, lead to a) a workshop summary on the basis of which an issue brief on diversifying cyberdiplomacy will be published, b) help to develop the sections of the handbook pertaining to non-traditional, non-western, approaches to cyberdiplomacy, and will examine the role of countries and actors in the global south, c) discuss the material produced for the Special Issue

Keynote speakers:

  • Enrico Calandro (GFCE)
  • Clare Hutchinson (NATO)

Program Day 1

Welcome and introduction (10:30 CET)
Keynote talk 1 – Enrico Calandro: Cyber diplomacy in Africa: challenges, priorities and perspectives (11:00)
Roundtable 1 – Diversifying cyber diplomacy: gender issues (11:45)
Roundtable 2 – Diversifying cyber diplomacy: South-North relations, norms contestation, and capacity-building (14:00)
Roundtable 3 – Diversifying cyber diplomacy: cooperation or contestation? (15:30)
Keynote talk 2 – Clare Hutchinson: Gender mainstreaming in cyber diplomacy (17:15)

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