This stakeholder conference will be used to bring together researchers, diplomats, other government agencies and officials, industry (including large tech companies) and NGOs to share knowledge about cyber diplomacy. It will help to inform the practice of cyber diplomacy as well as the policy debates cyber diplomats are engaged in and will increase the depth and scope of treatment of cyber diplomacy practice in the EU, Japan, and key partners in the Indo-Pacific.

The growing significance of cyberspace for a wide range of activities not only in Europe, but also in the Indo-Pacific, where internet user numbers now far outpace those in the West, bring with it a wide range of benefits for governments, businesses, civil society, and users, but simultaneously also certain risks. This has led a range of stakeholders to become active in internet governance, capacity building, sustainable connectivity, and cyber confidence building. Participants will explain and discuss the objectives and positions of their organizations, challenges, and actual and potential areas of political, normative, societal, legal, and technological cooperation. The EU and Japan are central partners in defending a free and open cyberspace and upholding and spreading of these norms and values. The main purpose of this stakeholder conference is to improve our understanding of the challenges and opportunities of cyber diplomacy.

The conference will have two main sessions on the following topics:

  1. EU Cyber Diplomacy in the Indo-Pacific
  2. EU-Japan Cooperation on Cyber Diplomacy

Keynote speakers:

  • Michael Reiterer, Distinguished Professor, Brussels School of Governance, former EU Ambassador to the Republic of Korea
  • Yoichi Shinoda, Cybersecurity Councilor of the National Center of Incident Readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity (NISC), Japanese Government Cabinet Office
  • Joanneke Balfoort, Director Security and Defence Policy, European External Action Service (EEAS), Brussels
  • Hideo lshizuki, Cyber Security Diplomat of Japan, MOFA, Japan


Opening Statements/Greetings (10:00 JST)
Topic 1: EU Cyber Diplomacy in the lndo-Pacific (10:15)
Keynote lectures: Michael Reiterer & Yoichi Shinoda
Roundtable 1 – Governmental Stakeholders (11:15)
Roundtable 2 – Non-Governmental Stakeholders (13:45)
Topic 2: EU.Japan Cyber Diplomacy (15:15)
Keynote lectures: Joanneke Balfoort & Hideo lshizuki
Roundtable 3 – EU.Japan Cooperation: Governmental and Non-Governmental Stakeholders (16:15)
Closing remarks (17:30)

Full program

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